Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charles Turns 3!!

We threw Charly her first bday party princess style.
There is no other style for this girl.
I always said my girls would be tom boys.
But I guess they come pre programmed.
This one is 100 percent girl, drama included.

Balloons & bubbles did most of the entertainment.

Injury tantrum was not a disappointment.

Even Elles liked the outfits.

Decorating animal shaped sugar cookies.
The animals were all the princess' friends.

Playing dress up.

I can't believe you're 3. It seems you're more like 14.
You love princess movies, toys, dolls, dress up.
Getting you to say please has been a torturous battle
these last few months. But then you're sweet as pie
when you really want something.
You play well with your siblings
& throw great public tantrums for all to see.

Everyone tells you how beautiful you are,
I think it's getting to your head.
But you're our sweet heart.
Happy Birthday my love.

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The Shaffers said...

Looks like she had a GREAT 3rd birthday! And she sure is a beautiful girl!