Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nate Birthday Party

Nate's 5th birthday party was so much fun!!!
We had delicious cake that turned everyone's mouths blue.
(Um, & turned their BM green. TMI I know)

We had the biggest Pinata I've ever seen. Thanks to Jimmy & Rene.
Every kid got a shot, then Jared pulverized it.

The war was the best!
Everyone had a gun, bullets, eye protection & fear of being shot at!

There were sand bag walls to hide behind.

Adult men to run from. I think some of them had more fun than the kids.

Pink goggles for the girls. Thanks to Nana.

Awesome hiding spaces.

Bows & arrows.

Balloons for Elles to play with. But for others to pop.

More hiding spots.

Lots of smiles.

And lots of rope climbing. The kids loved climbing up & swinging.

Unfortunately, I was coerced into buying Cheetos, my nemesis.
But the birthday boy insisted.
But they did keep others occupied for several moments.

Happy Birthday Nate. I hope you enjoyed yourself.
I'm glad your father has an awesome gym to do these kind of things in.

Nate's favorite things about this day was the Pinata, his friends, & all the guns.

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