Thursday, September 2, 2010

He doesn't work out here.

Our family is pretty religious. Well, we try hard to be good.
One of the commandments that we take very seriously
is to not use the Lord's name in vain.
It's usually hard to avoid hearing it all around you.
On the internet, TV shows, people around you etc.
I give my Dad a hard time when he does it by
saying things such as, "He's not here,"
"Please don't call on Him, I'm not ready for that yet," "That's not my name."
But this one had me crackin up for a few minutes.

It happened at Jared's work (he works at a gym & overheard this conversation)

Client: This is too hard.
Trainer: You can do it.
Client: Bleepity bleep bleep "uses His name in vain"
Trainer: He's not gonna help you, He doesn't work out here.



Julie said...

haha, that's pretty good.

kristin said...

Thanks for the laugh! That's a good one!

spencenjess said...

I love it!