Saturday, August 28, 2010

With or without you!!

Recently, 2 of my SIL drove out from Minnesota & South Dakota husbandless
with their several children.
Inspiring to me. Jared has been crazy busy
with a chemistry summer class & work.
We had not been able to do much for vacation this summer.
So I pulled together my courage to do things my pregnant self & 3 kids.
As a side note, I do not do well driving long distances.
I fall asleep in car rides, you can see how me driving would not work.

I try my first go as a camping trip.
It was with my parents, not completely by myself,
but I did drive 4 hours. We went up to Sly Park.
It was gorgeous.

A good friend has a small cabin in South Lake Tahoe.
5 minute walk to the beach.
Jared was able to come up for one night,
but I did the drive myself! So proud.
There is a section of road where I swear cars fly right off the
edge to burst into flame 500 feet down.
Never to be discovered. I've always had a hard time
even when others drive it. But I did it.
The kids & I went to the beach for hours by ourselves.
This is a great feat for me for many reasons:
1. I hate taking my kids to the beach.
The sand gets everywhere, too much mess.
2. The sun & the smell of sunscreen.
3. The pictures of my children drowning the moment
I turn my eyes away from them.
4. The ducks that tried to eat us the second I ran out of grahm crackers to give them.
I had to swat them with a towel to get them to go away.

But I did it. It would have been better with Jared of course.
But now I feel a renewed sense of adventure.
Maybe next summer I'll take a drive out to South Dakota.
Just me & the kids.


kristin said...

Good for you Jen! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! The visual in my head of you swatting the ducks made me laugh!

Lisa said...

You go girl! If you can make it as far as Mt. Rushmore, I'll drive the rest of the way for you.
p.s. Those onion rings look GOOD.