Monday, August 2, 2010

From bleh to refreshing

I have a wonderful SIL who gives us her hand me downs.
They are not just any old scrubs for kids,
but nice, name brand, well taken care of clothes.
Boys & girls. Not a stain in sight.
We were talking about what I could do for her in return
of the bags & boxes of nice kids clothes
when I pulled out my 4th of July quilt for the fireworks display.
She says, "I'd love a patriotic quilt."
Woo Hoo. How I love to make blankets.
I've been on a hiatus from sewing due to morning sickness.
But I was ready to get back to work.
I start searching for a red white & blue quilt pattern when I found this:

It's gorgeous. I went out & got fabric super fast. Too fast.
This is the top I ended up with. (below)
I don't like it. So disappointed.
The red white & blue that I chose for some of the star backgrounds
are just yucky. I should have spent my usual hour deciding on what to use.
Unloading everything from the shelves & making a mess.
Since I'm not known for my perfectionism,
when Jared asked if I was gonna take it apart & change it, I laughed.
Nope, I said. I'll fold it up unfinished & put it in the closet.
Something else is already in mind for my SIL. Much better fabrics.

Feeling frustrated about that star quilt.
I started on another for a friend (above) who said she liked "oceany" colors.
These are my pieces so far.
The dark border & outside are not so visible in the pic.
A refreshing change. Now just to put it together & quilt it!


Rochelle said...

oooooo. The ocean one is refreshing. I love those colors too! Sorry the patriotic one didn't work out, but I still think it is cute.

Carrie said...

jealous of your talent! wish i could whip up a gorgeous quilt like that. lucky girl you.

Lisa said...

Are you kidding?! It's adorable and I can't believe you whipped that thing out in less than a month! You rock!

Mike said...
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Nicole said...

You should start a how-to-quilt school out of your home, I would pay you to learn!!!

Bongioanni Family said...

Your quilting is absolutely amazing! I love the little quilts that you made the twins!