Saturday, September 4, 2010

Isn't she lovely?

I would like to introduce you all to Gertrude.
She's a beauty.
My last machine has not yet made it home from the doctors.
They say the outlook isn't so good. I had bought that machine for $140.
It will cost me at least $125 to have it fixed. I can't stand that kind of math.
It has been several times we have taken machines into the shop
only to pay them more than what we paid for the machine.
They say the machines I get aren't quite meant for all the work I put them through.
For the last year or so, Jared has said we will buy me a nice machine
so we don't have these issues anymore.
What's a nice machine you ask?
Bernina (drool) Pfaff Janome Baby Lock
These names make me dream. Dreams that cost well over $1000.
Or the quilting machines I play with every year at the State Fair.
$8000. That dream ain't ever coming true.
Unless of course we own a house, have 2 decent cars, my children's education,
missions, & weddings are paid for. Oh, & a nice retirement account.
Like I said nuh-ever.
So I was in Meissner's the other day (which I never do cause they're pricey)
looking for something specific.
I glanced super quick at the machines as I had 3 kids
that know how horribly boring fabric shopping is.
Dennis walks up to me & asks what I'm looking for.
"Oh just some fabric & to drool over your machines."
"What kind of sewing do you do?" he asks me.
"I like to quilt" I say
"Well here is the best machine for that" he says pointing to a GORGEOUS
machine that had a price tag of $2300.
I laugh at him & say, "that would be waaaaay out of my price range."
He gets a thoughtful look & says come follow me.
I protest saying I have 3 kids that will soon destroy his nice store
when he shows me HER.
"She was just brought in after 3 months of use. The owner was trying to make heavy bags with it & didn't work out for her.
She returned it for something different. Half price."
Wowser. I sat in front of her & started to play.
So did my kids but with different thousand dollar machines.
I tell Dennis I should go, but asked how long did he think it would take to sell her?
He looks at me, then at my kids & says, "I'll put it on hold for you."
I mention this story to Jared & he said go get it. What?
We can't afford that. It's $795.
Nope, go get it he says again. I'm not buying you another cheap piece of crap.
So I spend all evening thinking about it. Of course I want it.
But I'm usually pretty good at suppressing my wants.
All in all, I went back the next day with no kids, sat in front of Gertrude,
& played, discovered things that I never knew sewing machines could do.
Do you know what a knee lift is?
I now do. Super cool. Anyways, this is getting too long.
I have a year warranty of parts & labor & some free classes.
And an extra $800 on our credit card. I only feel a little bit guilty about that part.
Oh, & a husband I need to give some extra lovin to.

Here are her qualifications.

This is her first project I got to finish.
It was like spreading room temperature butter on tasty toast.
Now on to a few baby quilts & to start some Christmas presents.

Below is record of our garden at the end of it's season. It's been great.


spencenjess said...

Awesome! The knee lift IS great. Congrats!!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

Isn't it great when your dreams come true for only slightly too much money, rather than WAY too much money? I LOVE that.

Julie said...

That's one sexy machine. Have fun.

Francais Frit said...

I am so happy for you! You make so much cool stuff and deserve to make it with something that doesn't make you want to hurt yourself in the process!

Let me know when you are teaching 'beginning quilting for the very loser-ish beginner' class, I would like to attend.

kristin said...

No idea about sewing machines, but congrats!! It's always fun to get something you've been dying to get for a long time. Especially at such a deal!! And that quilt is gorgeous!