Friday, October 22, 2010

Shout out Friday

Dear Sweat Pants. Oh how I love you so much. You're always there for me.
I'm sure you're aware of the argument my maternity pants & I had.
They just wouldn't agree with me. I didn't care if they didn't want to fit me,
but they wouldn't listen. But you, you are a great listener.
You don't care if I wear you all day. Run my errands with you.
Or the funny looks we get when picking up the kids in the after noon.
I know that you really belong to Jared, but I feel we have a bond you & I.
So thank you for all you do. I love you.


kristin said...

Oh Jen, how you make me laugh!!
I remember a pair of Doug's pants with fond memories as well:)

Nicole said...