Friday, July 10, 2009

Sleepy heads & the Oxen

As I watched the Martin van drive around the corner
 for the first time, I thought," what happened to their car?" 
As it came closer, I got a better look at Penny & Diesel. 
David & Lisa had painted their entire van to be a 
covered wagon. Ox included. I think it's great and totally justified 
since they did have something like a 22 hour drive.
I think Enoch was a bit tired & couldn't care less about 
anything going on around him. He did wake up long enough 
to get a cookie, steal & eat his brother's cookie, 
but then went back to sleep on the gym floor. 
Can you tell who these people are?
And Charlotte asleep at the Hunt's with her favorite toy of the day.


Erixgirl said...

That van is HILARIOUS!

Sara said...

What's up with that car?!! Only in Utah!

Lisa said...

Hey! (or Hay! *snort*). We're from Minnesota! where "art car" jalopies are a common phenomenon in our part of Minneapolis.
If you can't fix the dents PAINT 'EM! Now that's the make it do pioneer spirit of Laura Ingalls Wilder.