Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Craft it forward pay out & garden 2009

Our garden for the year. We've got tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, pumpkins & garlic. Much better than last year. Although we've yet to eat any fresh strawberries. First the birds were getting them. So we put up a net. Then a raccoon (we think) came & ate some of everything. There were 3 gorgeous almost ripe strawberries, then they were gone. Not by birds since they cut clean off & the net hadn't moved. Then a chunk of a pumpkin gone. I found half a tomato & strawberry hidden by the fence. The darn thing was storing our food! He didn't come last night, so hopefully he's gone. I've been so mad that someone else is eating my food I've worked so hard on. There is a good feeling that I grew something myself. Similar to having a baby but not nearly as important. I'm excited for our "crop" to keep going. Hint, don't eat fresh non-ripe garlic. It burns your mouth.
Below is my quilt I've finally finished. I took a start quilting class a couple months ago at Quilter's Corner. It was so much fun & I learned A LOT. There were so many things I was doing incorrectly. I wish I had the time & patience to go & redo all my other quilts I've done. Did you know you can quilt your own top? All you need is a walking foot. Unfortunately, my sewing machine is so old & crappy, I can't get one. Meissner's tried 6 different walking foots on mine, then ordered a couple. But nope, I'll just need a decent sewing machine, someday. 
I have also finished my craft it forward gifts for Shell & Ceanne. I'll get them to you soon. Shell, I'll probably just give yours to your mom, & I'm not going to the family reunion, only coming up to visit the week after. So I'll bring yours with me Ceanne. 
At Joann's a few weeks ago, I saw this lemon fabric & thought of my SIL Pili. She has given us so many GREAT hand me downs, this was her gift as a thank you! 
Any one else wanting an apron?? A few have suggested selling these. Any ideas of how much you think I could get for them?


Michelle said...

Oh, I am so excited! I was just telling my neighbor on Sunday how I was looking forward to getting my apron, but I thought It would be a while. I can't wait to use it. Thank you!

Fry Family said...

I love that lemon fabric!! Sew cute.

Will you do a beginning quilting class- for me? harhar. I would love to learn the right techniques before I ruin a lot $ of fabric.

Nice work!

And sorry about the garden... I feel your pain about other (animals) eating before you even have a chance!

CeAnne said...

They are beautiful!!! I definatly think you should sell them. Check around etsy.com and see what people are selling aprons for. You could take them to local fairs,bazaars and farmers markets too. Joyce will have tons of ideas for you :) My sister in law is making some as well and selling them the same way. She got an order for a small resturant to sew all the waitress' aprons and someone is putting their name on them. They would be cute for doing art work in too... See you in a couple of weeks!

Andrea S said...

I love your quilt. You are so talented! Cute aprons also.

The Caldwell's said...

WOw, your garden, your craft works looks amazing! I wish I knew how to sew...you're super talented

spencenjess said...

Find out how much it costs to make one, and then double it. (Or, if that's too low, triple it.) Stock up during awesome sales, and then hang on to it for orders.

We've had the same problem in our garden. I read that playing talk radio all night long will keep the critters away. Keep it low, so as not to bug your neighbors, of course. Most nocturnal creatures don't like the idea of a human around, and they're not smart enough to figure it out.

You could also put up stakes for your netting, and then pin it to the ground solidly. One gardener I talked to suggested sprinkling the ground--further away--with sunflower seeds so they would go for the easy stuff.

Nicole said...

I was admiring that quilt at church last Sunday. Great work Jennifer!

spencenjess said...

Let me know when you come up with a price.

laurie said...

Hey Jennifer! I love your aprons!!! They are Fantastic!