Friday, July 24, 2009

"Making Do With The Not So New"

I have a HORRIBLE habit of searching for fun websites & blogs. When I find one, I'm in trouble. I'll sit there in front of the computer for a good 2 hours reading every article, looking at every project. My bookmark page is full of the fun places I have found. So the last couple of hours I have been reading articles from this page.... Making Do With The Not So New  very interesting stuff. There is a list on the right hand side of thrifty things to do.  Some stuff I have heard of, others were brand new to me. 
Going off one of those links, I found this. I go back & forth about doing clothe diapers. Should I do it? I think Yes, I could do it. Then I don't want the leaks & plastic liners on my kids bums. Sorry Environment. But this blog goes even farther with "family clothe." I think I could do it for myself. Maybe not for the dirty bums that come around here. 

What do you think?


Michelle said...

Very interesting concept. I don't think I could ever try this. I won't even consider cloth diapers, unless I could have a diaper service. More power to you if you try it.

: )

CeAnne said...

Have you seen the all in one diapers? They are clothe with plastic inbetween and the whole thing is washable. There are some on Etsy for 7 bucks each but with your sewing skills you could make them a lot cheaper! And they snap too so no diaper pins.

Andrea S said...

Not so sure I could handle the whole family cloth idea but mostly because of the extra work.

Lisa said...

If you decide to use cloth diapers, I will send you all my fancy, pinless cloth diapers and covers. They've just been sitting in the basement. Let me know.
P.S. You should sell the aprons. I suggest going to high-end cooking stores and seeing if they'd sell them.

Nicole said...

I am always so behind on Laundry it wouldn't work out.

Natalie said...

We use cloth diapers! They are patterned after Fuzzi Bunz. A little different of course because I made them. But we absolutely love them! We're planning to use cloth with the twins!