Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This just in: It's been an eventful day!

Grant was having a hard time getting his sweatshirt off.
When asking Jared for help, he says,
" I have a Norwegian head. That means my head is HUGE!"

Nate took his Band-Aid off & said the blood was all gone.
Grant says, "That means you're resurrected!."

I yell at Nathan that he better not be eating any more fruit snacks.
He said he was "just checking" that there were still more left.
Later, I saw that the package was empty.

Charlotte peed on the ground before I put a diaper on her.
After her bath of course.

Jared had his first interview with his new "field."
He has a new field!!

Today I was able to finish my first quilt using free motion quilting.
A few boo boos, but I'm very proud of myself!

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