Monday, January 18, 2010

Nate has his GOLDEN birthday!

January 3rd was Nate's 3rd birthday.
We had lots of fun celebrating.
The PJ Hasleton family was in town,
so we had some great Heavy Heavy Hangs.

Charly going for Nate's loot.
Nate enjoyed receiving some Peanut M&M's, gummi worms, fake Lucky Charms,
fruit snacks, a coloring book, granola & some yummy Scooby snacks.
LOOK!! A good picture of Mommy Pili. We never have enough pics of us mommys.
Nate showing he's 3 on his special day.
A week or so after his family bday celebration,
we threw Nate his first official party with his own friends.
He decided on a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme.
We love this book, the movie was ok.

I saw this cake online & tried it out. I am so NOT good at decorating cakes.
Even making a simple cake with plain frosting looks as if a 3 yr old frosted it.
But it turned out ok right?
Here are some other fun ideas I saw for this theme.
I made (can't you tell?) this "pin the crown on the bday boy" game.
We traced Nate, then let him color it.
Jared turned our hallway into a forest with crepe paper & green garland.
Did you know Wishing Well is done? I went on it's last day :(
So sad, I love that place. But I did enjoy getting a ton of garland for 49 cents.
That way I didn't feel guilty cutting it up then tossing it out.
The rest of the house was turned into a jungle thanks to Laurie & Daneece.
Lots of ivy, greenery & flowers. I didn't take pics of it all,
but Jared said I went a little overboard with it.
We first read the book a couple times.
Us having fun with the games, everyone made their own crown.

Next year we will start with how Jared was raised.
You get the option of having a birthday party or get $25 cash to Toys'r'us.
I can't do 3 or 4 of these every year.

After the party & presents, I asked Nate what his favorite thing was.
He said it was the balloons.

The birthday boy with his scepter Jared made for him.
He truly is my wild thing.


Lisa said...

Adorable! Jennifer. Happy birthday! Nate.

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

AWESOME Nen, well done birthday extravaganza.