Monday, January 11, 2010

My family cracks me up!

We were watching a "kissing" scene during a Disney movie
& both boys started saying, "eewwwwwww."
I told them that one day they would meet the right girl they would want to kiss.
Then Jared says, "or whatever girl is right next you."

THE ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT: The boys absolutely lu-ove playing
kill the bad guys. So they're running around, killing their toys,
when Nathan says his dinosaur is so super dead.
Grant says, "he's so dead he's never gonna get resurrected."

We went to a party with Valentine's Day decorations.
Lots of hearts & such. On the car ride home, Nate says his heart is broken.
We can never fix it. Jared says it takes a long time to heal a broken heart,
& a new girlfriend. (I love this guy)
Grant says,"all you need are lots of hugs and kisses."
So sweet.

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