Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Mommy......

Dear Mommy,

You were so much fun today! When you weren't looking, I figured out that I can now reach on top of the table!! There is so much up there to play with. You smiled at me & said, "go ahead & play with my wallet. I'm sure you can't open the snap." Well, I laughed & worked hard till I got it open. You didn't even catch me until I had pieces of your wallet all over the house. It sure was fun.
I'm also glad that you decided to clean out the filing cabinet. You had everything in nice neat, organized piles. Just ready for me to attack & have fun with. I spread them all around the room until it was pretty! Then what did you do? Put them back into your piles only to get distracted & leave the room so I could make it pretty again!
I love you so much Mommy! Thank you for the fun we had today.


Francais Frit said...

Good job Charley! --Emelia

Cheralyn said...

haha, she is such a cutie. Her eyes are simply gorgeous!

The Shaffers said...

HAHAHA..... Oh the joys of having a moblie baby/almost toddler. She is such a cutie!

Nicole said...

I mean really could you ever get mad at that sweet little face of hers?