Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas with the Hasleton clan

We had lots of fun with a laid back Christmas this year.
Grant decorated the tree by himself,
the M&M guys were yet again a huge hit,
the Christmas Eve pageant went great (I somehow ended up as a hippie shepherd),
Dad of course fell asleep on the couch,
Laurie busted up at opening her gifts that she helped pick out only hours before,
then she cried at Joey's gift, I picked my first carrots from the garden,
Jared got his bumper plates he's been dreaming about,
the boys got waaaay too much stuff from the grandparents,
Kevin & Tessa spoiled each other,
Charlotte could not stand her Christmas dress my Mom bought for her,
I finally got to show my Mom the quilt I made for her,
my Dad got $35 worth of Legos for $4 (thank you DI),
then came the new year & now we're still trying to clean up.

I posted some of my dream Christmas crafts for next year at my craft blog iliketocopy.
Hope everyone had some great holidays!!

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Lisa said...

Oh these pictures make me so homesick. I love them!