Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mom, I wanna do a crap.

This is Nate after he asked to use A crayon.
At least he colored for a long time, giving me a break.

Grant: Mom, I wanna do a crap.
Mom: You wanna go crap?
Grant: NO! I wanna crap!
Mom: Then go sit on the toilet & go poo. You probably shouldn't say the word "crap."
Mom: Then go.
Grant: OK. I'll go get my scissors & some paper.

Aah. You wanna CRAFT.

So we melted down some old broken crayons into a tray. They didn't turn out very pretty. I was going for the red white n blue theme for memorial day. 

Alas, there is a reason paper goes around crayons. I now have colored wax prints all through the house.

Mom, do you remember forgetting to make me some "ring cuffs?"
Grant had been asking me for 2 days to make him some hand cuffs.
I think I was purposefully "forgetting" to make them.


Julie said...

Grant wanting to do a "crap" is hilarious. That's for making me laugh.

The Shaffers said...

Your so good doing crafts with them! So funny what grant said!

The Caldwell's said...

Oh my gosh, little kids are so funny!

Cute crayon star!

Fry Family said...

Love it.

Amanda said...

lol. Love the stars!

Michelle said...

Awesome crayons! Your boys are so adorable.