Monday, May 4, 2009

Rocking out

This last Christmas we bought Guitar Hero for our WII. We had lots of family in town & it was lots of fun. We play every once in awhile, but usually only when people are over. As a treat, Grant asked to play the drums, so we indulged. 

Nate doing his thing on the mike.

Unfortunately, I think Charly likes watching TV. The colors or what not. Why are my words underlined??


spencenjess said...

Every so often my blogger goes a little haywire and does strange things--like underlining words, or refusing to leave a space between paragraphs no matter how many times I edit the post. Hopefully your gets better soon. Genna played Guitar Hero at a cousin's house at Thanksgiving, and she's been asking for it ever since. Waaaayy too expensive, considering we don't even own a game console. (It is fun though.)

spencenjess said...

P.S. We so wish we could be in your Ward. Especially after what happened to Genna in Primary on Sunday. I've never been so upset about anything in my life!