Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Snobs with sticks up their bums

So I go to the perio today to see if I need YET another surgery in my problematic mouth. This group is new to me. There's no way I'm going to the same Doc who took my thousand dollars, cut up my gums, implanted some dead guy's gums (excuse the insensitivity), then sent me on my way only to have the dentist 3 years later ask if I brushed my new gums away. I head over to a posh area where my van is the crappiest car in the parking lot (my poor vehicle does need some paint work, but it's still a nice looking car!). This was my first clue. 

I drag my 3 darlings into a big building made of glass (didn't try too hard to get a sitter). Was "welcomed" by a receptionist who gave a beautiful smile till she saw who I brought with me. She was nice enough, but I could tell it was all fake. She was just waiting for me to be out of ear shot to gab about the trashy looking mom who brought her kids. (I know I'm judging her, but you should have seen her face)

The assistant was nice enough, but then comes the doctor. WHEW. Let me tell you. It's not that he's totally hot, but he had that atmosphere of one of THOSE doctors who on TV who get all the ladies & doesn't care about how much money he spends. Once again, I know I'm judging, but you weren't there! He takes a look at my kids, says hi. Someday he'll get married & GET AROUND to having one. We talk about my situation. He doesn't think I should have another graft with everything on my plate. Maybe in a few years when the kids get bigger & are in school. HELLOOOO! It's only 3 kids. You don't think I can handle it??? Besides, in a few years I'll probably have some more. I didn't mention that part to him. 

We figure out a plan for my teeth to not fall out any time soon. He's super nice, but at the same time acts like he has much better things to do. What, my money isn't as good as any one else's? Your time is too good for me? You don't think I can handle your surgery? Whatever. If you weren't so highly recommended, I wouldn't be coming back. 

We go out to the receptionist who wants to set an appointment for me to come back for a procedure my dentist can do for half the price. I say I'm not sure of my schedule, I want to make sure I can get a sitter. She looks at my cupcakes & says, "That's a good idea." Nothing wrong with that. Just the tone & look on her sweet face. She's perfect for this office. I overheard her talking on the phone to an insurance company who wasn't up to her standards. She was sweet as pie (I don't like pie), but still demanding that someone deal with this particular issue & fast before she started threatening them. I don't know what a dentist threatens about. 

So I walk out feeling a little overwhelmed. My children were very well behaved except for a couple of hitting sessions. They were quiet & read their books most of the time we spent there. I'm not quite sure if I'm just over reacting. But why do people need to think they're better just because they're wearing a $300 pair of shoes, drive a M6 BMW, don't have kids throwing up on them or causing stress related mouth injuries. So what if I have kids & feel comfortable bringing them everywhere I go. They are good kids & I'm doing the Lord's work with them. 

To those who have giant gold plated sticks up your bum.... bend over so I can pull it out & beat you over the head with it. 

Thank you for letting me vent.


Fry Family said...


I hope you don't feel like that after card exchange. harhar

nisa said...

You are so good at describing annoying events. If something like this happened to me I would be so frustrated that I couldn't write about it. I hate dental issues. Jon had some crowns done recently and they cost enough. I hate it when you don't know if they do a good job either. I totally here you about he "waiting until the kids are in kindergarten" comment...weird world we live in. People kept assuming I was having a 3rd because I didn't have a boy yet.

CeAnne said...

Why do people detest sweet little cupcakes so much?! The more of them the more they dislike them. They are God's little angels!!!!

I have sympathy for your dental situation. I had the 'privledge' of braces for 5 years with threats of jaw surgery. I try to stay away from anything dental for as long as possible!

Brian and Lori Faulconer said...

Sounds like we are in the same boat. Not only with our kids, but I just found out I need some pricey dental work too. I wonder what would happen if we just didn't do it. It really sucks that we basically have to put our trust in these dentists who could totally be ripping us off! I can't read a dental x-ray to save my life. Maybe the root canal I need is really just an itty bitty cavity that they want to charge me $3000 for. Oh well, I guess that's just the way it has to be.

Lisa said...

Waaa hahahaha!! I'll hold the head, you pull out the stick and we'll take turns beating!
I've totally had this experience in a pharmacy. Some lady snidely asked me to keep my kids quiet because people were probably sick. Yeah right, I hang out pregnant in pharmacies with four kids because I'm healthy as a horse.

Erixgirl said...

You are hilarious....I feel like I was there with you, so descriptive! ;)

Patrick and Krystine said...

People drive me crazy, it seems like you run into people like that everywhere!

Laurie Hasleton said...

Jesus warned us that when you are doing God's work and obeying his word, you can expect to incur the hatred (stick-up-the bum attitude!) of the world and worldy people.

John 17:14 I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

This incident just shows you are doing right!!! Go Jennifer.