Friday, October 17, 2008

The Little Gym

Awhile ago, Grant Nathan & I were going to the California Family Fitness on Howe & Northrop. We went almost everyday for almost a year. The kind of fun the boys had there in the kid center really encouraged me to go as often as I did. They had the best girls working there, always doing crafts & playing games. When we decided to get pregnant again, we quit the gym knowing I would not be feeling good enough to go, then would not have enough energy. It also was a little pricey. Grant was super sad about this, constantly telling me stories about the good ole days at the "little gym." 

"Mom, remember when that guy opened the door & smashed my toe & I cry?? Remember? At the "little gym?""  "Mom, remember we go to the "little gym" & we paint pictures?" etc. When VSP offered us a good deal at the local 24 Hour Fitness, we signed up. But to take kids was too expensive & the place is super dirty. I could feel myself collecting sick germs just opening the door. Let alone the kids center was 30 years old. We called it the "crappy gym." I put my membership on hold. 

So yesterday, Grant found a quarter on the ground & said this, "MOM, I found a quarter!! Now I have money & we can go to the "little gym" we not need to go to the crappy gym anymore!"

I love how their brains work & how easily they remember what they love. 

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