Friday, October 10, 2008

Apple Hill 2008

Kevin & Tessa asleep on the way. So cute. 
I'm not sure if Nate understood that the food was for the Geese. 
Juliette looking so cute & as if she's grown a foot in a month. 
Pumpkins all around. I'm glad we grew our own this year. 
Enjoying apple fritters & staying out of the rain. 
We had a ton of fun even though it was raining off & on. Grant slid & got his bum all muddy. Nathan ate food off the ground, a gallon of cider was $6.95 (ouch), cute crafts, & we only spent money on apples & caramel covered apples. Yummy. I'm gonna start saving up for next time to get a Rocky Road apple. Those suckers are $10, but oh so good!!

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