Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween crafts

Oh how I already miss the easiness of summertime. All you had to do to entertain your kids was go to the park, the library (there is currently no story time), water park, the zoo, fairy tale town, send them in the backyard, go to another park, outside play dates, etc. Now that it's getting cold, I actually have to try be a mom. So I decided to cut out some Halloween shapes & yes I know my cutting is not the best. This is what the boys came up with. 
Grant is VERY proud of his spider teeth. 
Nathan was just happy to not be watching TV. 
Aren't my ghosts beautiful?? I had to free hand everything, wasn't able to find outlines of these shapes on line. And they are proudly displayed in our windows for all passerbys to see. 


Michelle said...

I love the spider teeth! Tell Grant he did a great job, they are very creative!

TJ and Ayumi said...

CUTE!! You're such a good MOM Barlow!!