Thursday, October 23, 2008

Betty Crocker, watch out!

I've been into the whole food storage thing this last year. Be prepared. So my goal was to learn how to make bread before the years end. I finally got the courage to try it today (for some reason I feel intimidated by the whole yeast & rising stuff). I tried the braided circle method for one of the loaves, it was sooooo yummy.
  I also combined a couple different corn chowder recipes & did a crock pot corn chowder. Hello! Why I haven't I made this before. It is better than the bread. I have stuffed myself sick tonight, but I sure feel good. 
Even though I went to the doc the other day & saw how much weight I've gained in the last 5 weeks, I still sat down with a chunk of bread & a stick of butter to watch Grey's Anatomy. I have absolutely no reason to wonder why my thighs are growing outward. 


Amanda said...

I'm impressed!!

ash and jay said...

you're killing me! For one, you look great. Secondly, reading this post just made my stomach growl. Sounds really yummy. Where did you get these recipes?

Carrie said...

Oh! I totally want the recipes! And hey, when you're pregnant you're totally allowed to eat as much bread and butter as you fact, I think it's even a rule.

Michelle said...

It sounds really yummy. You should totally do a posting of the recipe!