Wednesday, September 10, 2008

State fair 2008

Grant walking a goat. The kid's favorite part was the animals. Especially when one cow pees on the other & no one really cares. Grant & Nathan both took turns walking the goat at least 3 times. 
Brushing the hair on a pony. 
Saddled up to go wherever. They look so innocent here
The $5 pony ride I insist to Jared to let them do every year. It's not the cheapest, but they have sooooo much fun on them. I know that some day I'll have to buy them a pet. But that's years down the road. Of course they got all excited & laughed their heads off when one of the ponies started peeing everywhere. Boys will be boys. 


Amanda said...

What fun!!!

The pony ride is always Addi's favorite!

Bongioanni Family said...

I can hardly wait till Italo can do those fun things. You guys must be keeping pretty busy!

TJ and Ayumi said...

I miss the state fair! Pony ride looks so's great you always seem to let your kids have so much fun. :)
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