Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nathan in the hospital

This is what I saw when I walked in Nate's room Thursday morning. He looked so small & sad in the bed. But had a good attitude for being tied down with an IV. He wasn't really able to look at books, but was getting the hang of using only the tips of his fingers from the board being taped to his hand. 
Finally getting him to eat something. Even if it was a cookie. 
Discovered the phone, his IV finally taken out. 
Realizes there is a hallway with fun things & people. He can open the door & sneak away pretty quick. People would laugh when they saw a baby opening a door & running away. These gowns are so cute. The nurse gave us some & tons of slippers to take home with us. 
They had some fun rides in the hallways. This bike & a huge wagon. Nate made me push him & walk with him for at least a couple of hours. There was a playroom, but all Nate wanted to do was go outside. But it was soooo filthy. I don't think they had cleaned it in months. He would just scream at the window & I would have to drag him back kicking & screaming to his room. 
Some videos of my baby. He did pretty well for being tied down for most of the day. 


The Shaffers said...

Oh what a cutie!!!

The Shaffers said...

AWW i just watched the video!! Too cute!! He talks so goood!

Nicole said...

It's totally sad when kids have to be admitted but the gown they give them is too cute. We took pictures when Mia was admitted. Sad but cute