Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brian & Jennifer Adams Wedding

Down to Reno for Jared's friend/ co-worker's wedding on Sat the 6th. It was SUPER nice. Definitely the nicest & fanciest wedding we have ever been to. They rented the whole golf course for the day. The flower girl came in on a mini pony. 
Bride came in a 1949 Jag. 
Lots of long stemmed roses. Beautiful people, of course not more beautiful than Jennifer. She's not only the nicest person out there, but gorgeous as well. 
Bride & groom left on the pony. That is a man who loves his wife!
We partied for a bit with all the yummy food. Jared's favorite part was the crab on top of Filet Mignon, on top of asparagus on top of the yummiest potato patty I have ever had. And I'm obsessed with potatoes! We had fun at our table with other guests from Sac. Drove home around midnight. Yeah for that Donner pass in the middle of the night. 

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