Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spencer Mountain Ranch

Down at the shops in Carmel. All the kids got really close playing with each other for 3 days. Every morning Nathan would say, "Where's Charlie? Where's E (Ian)." Super cute. 
My HUGE glasses on my HUGE cheeks. But I love this pair. 
Showing each other their goodies they got. Yeah for the English store!! Yummy chocolate. 
That dang fountain we couldn't keep Nathan away from. I don't know how many times we had to change his clothes cause he kept getting wet. 
Attempting to get a group shot. Jared never said "say cheese" so that we were all looking. At least the other families look good. We had so much fun together. BBQ, lots of good food, staying up late to talk about everything ,  kids played so well together the whole time, Emma took great care of watching kids, trampoline, sand boxes, tree house, & especially Grandma's playhouse. That thing held the kid's attention for hours on end. Thank you to Uncle Dick & Aunt Janean for sharing their wonderful Cowboy Town!!!


The Shaffers said...

Looks like you guys a lot of fun!! I wish i had good friends to do things like that with!!! When did you guys go down there??

Bongioanni Family said...

Fun fun! We want to see you guys sometime soon!

JB and Kirsti Meyer Family said...

Envy flowing through me. You stinky California people with your beaches. :) I'm glad you had fun and you have fun people to be with.

We are Martin said...

Woah, what's with all the traveling? Doesn't Jared work anymore?