Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How lucky can one girl get??

Since Grant is potty trained, (only took a couple days) life is much easier for us. Except for the time there was no bathroom around & Grant got to "water" some plants in the parking lot. Nathan has been sitting on the potty to get some of the same attention that Grant does. Pretty cute. Until today, I was changing Nate & he said he wanted to go sit on the toilet. Sure, go for it kiddo.  30 seconds later he yells "mom! Go poo poo" Ok ok I'm coming. I go into the bathroom & sure enough, the kid did it! I know this doesn't mean anything right now, he's so young, but I won't fight against a boy not afraid to poo in the potty!


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TJ and Ayumi said...

Nice! Some kids are talented like that...;) I remember I was awful!