Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exercising Nate

Going from working out everyday for 7 months to just making a baby & getting fat for 9, has  been harsh on my body. I did not work out a single day of my pregnancy with Charly due to nausea, sciatic pains, discomfort, & just plain laziness. I gained the most weight ever & have had the hardest time losing it so far. All muscle previously gained has long been gone. While Jared was home I could go running everyday, so I did, until my knee yelled at me, "Hello!! What are you doing?? You haven't used me forever, what are you expecting me to do?" So videos it's been. Here I'm doing some Pilates, Nate is trying it out. How cute is he? Nate always tries a video with me. From jumping jacks, stretching, pilates, jabs, sit ups are my favorite to watch him do. Thanks for your support little one. 


CeAnne said...

Very cute! I'm going to get some Yoga videos from the library soon and do the same thing. I'm sure the boys will probably join me or look at me like I'm crazy. One or the other!

spencenjess said...

You're lucky he joins in. My girls climb on me. Anytime they see me on the floor it's like a new playground just opened up right in our living room.

The Shaffers said...

Thats to cute! You have a little exercise buddy!