Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh the Joys of Motherhood Part 2

I had finally put Charly in the swing to sleep & gave the boys lunch to eat so I could shower. I had been sweaty for 3 hours after my work out & was really wanting a shower. My chance had come!! Two seconds into my nice steamy water heaven, Grant comes & yells at the door (waking up Charly)

Me: WHAT???
Me: Where?
Grant: At the table.
Me: Tell him not to move.

A couple of things go through my mind....

-This sucks. 
-I wonder about all the places I'll find puke.
-Should I get out? I just started & I really wanted to shave my legs. (I knew I wouldn't get another chance to shower till Jared got home)

Then I hear him at the door...

Nate: MOM!!
Me: I told you to stay at the table!
Nate: I cleaned my throwed up. 
Me:What did you clean it up with??
Nate: Towels.
Me: What towels??
Nate: Dryer!!
Me: You used my clean towels from the dryer??
Nate: Yeah!
Me: (insert large sigh) Please go sit back at the table till I come out.

I decide to finish my shower since the throw up was not going to be contained to the table anyways. Charly is still screaming. Oh well. I want my shower. I finish then start assessing the situation. Charly's swing batteries have gone dead, she's crying. Nate is soaked at the table. Puke is dripping over the legs of the table. What should I do first?? Change the batteries so she'll be happy?? Put Nate in the tub? Clean the drippings before it gets worse? Take a picture so I can (as Amanda says) vent about it on my blog?  Get dressed so I am not dripping water through the house & have my towel keep falling off? 
I take it a bit at a time, & finish. 

So my question to you all is: "Why is the hardest thing for a Mom 
to accomplish during the day is to take an 
uninterrupted peaceful FRICKIN SHOWER???????"


CeAnne said...

No kidding, its not like they can sleep long enough and mom can get up early enough to accomplish that before the day starts! I still haven't had mine yet at 2 today... ugh!

Mrs. F said...

Uninterrupted peaceful shower? What is THAT? Oh, I know. Those are what husbands get. (haha. I kid. I get to take uninterrupted showers these days, as long as I do it between 8:30 and 11:30 am, while the kids are both at school...)

You won my commenting giveaway. Where would you prefer your gift card to be usable at?

Mrs. F said...

Oh, also. I need your address so I can shove it in the mail.
Thanks for commenting. Oh, and I keep all my blog comments in a separate folder in my email inbox, that is how I am able to tell how many I have...

Mrs. F said...

Oops, sorry. It just dawned on me that you don't have my email address.

Amanda said...

Oh the joys of Motherhood!

Always take the picture 1st ; )

Patrick and Krystine said...

oh, that is so sad, but your little guys are so cute!

Lisa said...

I have no idea what you're talking about. I had a wonderful, long, warm and totally uninterrupted shower this morning at 3 am.