Thursday, April 9, 2009

A busy day

Charly sleeping on the floor.

I watched a tutorial online about making bibs. I had no idea they were so easy & that snaps were simple to "install". I'm addicted! We don't have very many girly bibs although Charly goes through about 4 a day. So I'll be making a TON from now on

I didn't actually make these capes today, but thought I'd show them off while I was bloggin. The boys LOVE wearing them & pretending they're all sorts of super heroes. The last few days they have been the "bad guys" looking for the good guys. Not sure if this is ok. Should they be in the habit of attacking the good guys??

We have a nice bench the boys keep their toys in. Every once in awhile some little fingers fall victim to it's sharp grasp. It was Nate's turn today to get snapped. He wouldn't stop crying, so we started talking to the bench. "Bench, it wasn't very nice to hurt Nate's fingers. Do you need to go in timeout?" Nathan got very excited about this. So we dragged the bench to the time out corner where we gave it a lecture about being gentle & nice. This pic is of the boys telling the bench off. A lot of other toys spent some time in time out this evening. 

Nate showing his owie.
We got some gifts from my Mom's friend who recently started her own company called "Loop 2 Loop"   You can check out her website to the left. I know we will always have the issue of pants not fitting due to the boys being so tall & skinny. But these belts are awesome! Grant has no trouble going potty since the belts aren't in the way. I've never found belts to actually fit the boys, but now I have some!! Thanks Anna!

And these are my new masterpieces!! I saw these online & thought I could do that. They took a little time, but are well worth it. There is suede on the soles, & nice soft fleece on the inside for the little feet. I'll be making lots of these too. They are so cute! I have some super cute red buttons to put on them. But can't decide where to place them. In the middle? On the sides? What do  you think?

Charly being my model.
So my sewing machine is a bit tired. But I'm so excited since I have lots of people preggers right now that need gifts. Guess what you'll be getting? That's right, some hand made stuff from me. Hope you like it. 


Fry Family said...

Love the little booties- so cute!

Hate the word preggers- arrgggggggg.

The Shaffers said...

Man you have been a busy busy bee!!
Cute stuff, you are super talented!

Michelle said...

Dang, I wish I was preggers so I would receive awesome baby gifts. Someday... but not any time soon. Great job! Oh and buttons on the sides.

: )

Carrie said...

I'm totally impressed. I got a sewing machine for my birthday and I'm totally afraid to use it. I wish I could do cool stuff like that!

CeAnne said...

Those are just adoriable!!! Where online did you find the bibs? I have about 5 new neices or nephews on the way :) Have you thought about making some and selling them on