Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The boys through the years (all 3 1/2 of them)

I got some pictures taken the other day, decided to scan them for the blog. Then started looking at the older pictures behind newer ones in the frame. They were super cute. So I've scanned a few of the boys. There are obviously a lot more of Grant than Nathan (sorry Nate, that's the way it goes). But it's fun to see the ways they've both changed.

Above is the first professional picture taken of Grant.

A tad bit later.

My favorite that still hangs on the wall. 
Never to be pushed back behind an updated one.

His famous "Charlie Brown" superman picture. 
People at the photography place remembered him for awhile after this one.

Until yesterday (3/10/09) this was Grant's updated photo.

And this is my big boy! My, how he has grown. 
I think it's funny that we chose the same pose & similar colors. 
Not done on purpose. 

 Nathan doing his thing. I'm sure that with a 17 month old & 
a newborn, it was my excuse for not having a younger picture taken of Nate.

This one of Nate was taken sometime end of 2008. I only take pics when I get free coupons in the mail. I'm sure they hate it when I come in since I typically only get the free sheet with no other purchases. This is why I only get pictures taken of one kid at a time. Then I'm not tempted to buy any other cute ones. 

 Family photo from 2005. (I really like my hair here)

Family photo 2007. It's a 10x13 so some edges got cut off when scanned. 

We'll be taking pictures next week as a family & the 3 kids. Wish us luck!!


Bongioanni Family said...

Love the picture flashback! And good luck with the new family photos.

Jennifer Rae said...

Grant the CUTEST baby. Looks that that is a family tradition.

I liked your hair in both pictures...PS

The Shaffers said...

AWW look at those handsom boys!!! Good luck with the new family photo. So do you think Charlotte looks like Grant a little??? I got charlotte baby announcement today, love that pic! Hows she doing?? Is she sleeping good? How are you feeling?? How is it being a mom of 3?????

The Maire Family said...

Your family is so cute! Your so good about taking pro pics of your kids. I haven't really even done any of that yet. But I'm planning on pics for this year after the baby comes.

Fry Family said...

Dude, I love your hair in the last one.

kristin said...

I have to say that I love your hair too! I have to dye mine to get that color:) Good luck with the photos, I'm sure they'll be so cute!