Monday, March 16, 2009

Thanks Aunt Kirsti!!

We went to bounce town with some coupons Aunt Kirsti gave us. We've been to this place a couple times now, so the boys really know what to do. I think the favorite is the giant slide. Although when I dove down, I got "plastic" burns on my hands & inside my elbows. Jared teased the snot out of me.  I actually got to play with the boys this time. Last time I was 9 mos preggers & tried going down the slide & squeezing through the holes, but I just ended up paranoid I had killed Charly in the womb. I sat & waited till I felt her move around so I knew she was alive. 
Nate looks so tiny just sitting there. 
Love this face.
Going down backwards.
The giant slide. We'll be back!


The Shaffers said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!! You look awsome Jenn, only 1 month after baby, WOW girl!

Fry Family said...

Call us the next time you go! El loves it toooo.