Sunday, August 12, 2012

Second Half of Our Summer Vacation!!

 The Martin & Meyer families came to visit us this summer. 

We all had such a blast! Here are some pics of our shenanigans....

After a long day of playing........
My attempt at waking up Charlotte.
Ended up falling asleep next to her.

The babies playing a beautiful duet. 

 Enoch was baptized while they were here.
 It was great to be able to experience this together!!

A trip to In N Out was necessary.  

The Fourth brought on some great hysteria. 
The babies weren't too big fans of the fireworks. 
Ellie had to stay inside most of the time.  
This was the only picture I got. Kinda lame. 
But we swam all day long & had a great BBQ!

Charlotte suckered everyone into giving her popsicles all 2 weeks. She probably ate a whole box by herself. 

The kids enjoying the pool. 

Then came the trip to Santa Cruz! 
So much fun staying at the Airth's home. 
The weather was beautiful. Kids buried each other, 
played in the waves, dug holes, fought, made new friends, 
ate a ton of chips, & burnt a bit. 

Jared was more than content to stay under the shade with Belly. 

Our group photo. 5 women, 20 kids, one Jared. 

Laurie with her girls!

We had free passes to Crocker Art Museum. 
They had a great children section. 

Trips to Sam's Club were frequent. 
So many people eating so much food. 
We made the best of it.

Can't wait for next time they all come to visit!!!

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Emma said...

I miss you all so much! Hope we come again soon!