Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Half of Our Vacation in South Dakota!!

On our way out, I got to stop & spend some time with my favorite missionary companion/trainer, Sister Salvador! 
Or I guess it's now Sister Simmons, or I could use her first name Olimpia.  
Nah, it'll always be Salvador. 
She's living in Provo with her 3 boys that are super cute! She always cooks delicious food. 
This is where I get my good Lumpia cooking from. 

All our cute kiddos. 

Then we finally made it to South Dakota! 
Lots of bugs, humidity & cousins!!

 Quiet time reading books. We went to the library a couple times for story time, an Olympic games for kids, & to get a ton of books to keep us occupied! The library there was amazing! So clean & nice people that work there. No cranky librarians. 

 It was so much fun spending time with Kirsti! I got her all to myself that week. She endured me yacking at her & following her around wherever she went. 

It was very winding one particular day. 
Was hard for the little ones to walk straight. 
But it made for good kite flying weather!

The kids & Jared flew the kites pretty well. 

Everyone was tired all the time from all the excitement.
 Crying was all around. 

Cute Oliver loved posing for the camera. 

Ellie liked to copy Oliver. 

At the local Dairy Queen that is know nation wide. 

So tired........

What the kids did in the basement. 
Watching movies or playing the Wii. 
That was fine with us cause it meant we got some time to ourselves. 

Then we drove a little bit out of town to see J.B.'s bee farm & wax plant!
Honestly, it was more exciting than I expected. 

J.B. showing off with the bees. 

Kids messing around at the wax plant. 
Not the best smelling place ever. 

The population of this town was 40? Or maybe 50? 
This is the post office that serves the town. Smallest I've ever seen. I wonder what they do all day?

J.B.'s Grandpa started a tradition of always keeping ice cream in the freezer. 
We got to partake of it!

Then it was on to Sioux Falls! 
Everyone graciously waited while I visited some cute little quilt shops. 
And we got to see the falls! 

Throwing rocks. 

From on top of the observatory. 

Ellie's favorite spot while at Kirsti's. 

The best street name ever. 

 Charles & Ellie had fun playing/fighting the whole time. They were so cute!

Thanks for the visit Aunt Kirsti! We'll try to come out again soon!

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