Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shout out Friday

You pock up some new talrnts when yiu have a nww born babt.
Such as typung onw handrd.
I'm prdtyy good at it, if I do sqy so myswlf.

Seriously. They always want to be held.
And if I could have it my way, I'd hold 'em all the doo long day.
But alas, I have a litter of kids, so no sitting all day with the cute
& cuddly baby. Moms have tried so many different things to fix this.
I myself own a Snugli, Baby Bjorn,
some kind of new born sling & The Mother Wrap.
Wow, quite a collection.
But each of these requires some commitment to wear,
or space in the diaper bag, or only fit for a few months.
I love each one I own. They each have a different use.
But I've always wanted one of these guys.
(See below)

They are $50 on the website I've seen them on.
$34.99 on Etsy. But a friend of mine had one,
& she let me copy the measurements.
I fooled around with it, and figured out a super easy pattern.
Only $8 in fabric & 20 minutes of my time.
Yup, they are so easy it was only 20 minutes to make.
They are wide enough to use as a blanket,
have a curve to fit the kid's bum,
can be used as a sling (Elliott is too long already for that),
& I can also carry Charly around on my hip or back.
They are so easy to put on, and take up no space.
Sigh. I'm in love.
So yes, I folded laundry, cleaned the kitchen,
& other stuff, all with my cute wittle bebe on my hip.
She loves it. She gets to be held, & I get things done.
Woo Hoo for the Mommy!!


Carrie said...

oh my word, i need one of those in the worst way.

Carrie said...

by the way, elliot is so stinkin' adorable!!!

kristin said...

You are so amazingly talented!! Super cute!

Cheralyn said...

Great job. I love the fabric.

CeAnne said...

Very cute! I have a collection and no one small enough to be in them yet! I have an Ergo, Boba and a Moby Wrap... two of which I will probably end up selling once I figure out what works best!

laughsoutloud said...

That's pretty awesome Jennifer! I love the fabric you chose.