Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hasleton Quote

Grant: Kissing rhymes with missing, hissing & pissing.
Jared: Pissing?
Grant: Yeah, like "you're pissing me off."
Jared:That's not a good thing to say. I don't want to hear say that anymore ok?
Grant: OK.
Jennifer: Jared, you know where he hears that right?
Jared: Yup (we both say it)
Jennifer: Grant, you can say it when you're 18 years old.
Grant: OK, I'll add it to my list.


The Shaffers said...

Haha, i think you guys should write a parenting book, with these things!

Cory and Amanda said...

Classic! CJ has been coming up with some winners too. Cory and I both agree that whatever he says he probably heard from Cory:)

Lori and Brian Faulconer said...

Ha! I'd love to see what else is on his list!

kristin said...

So funny!!!

Michelle said...

What a funny kid!