Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nate's first field trip

Nate got to go on his first field trip to the Folsom Zoo.
I don't remember ever being there before, so it was new to me also.
Here he is on his first bus ride.
His teachers said as they were going along Folsom Blvd,
he started yelling, "Look! There's Dos Coyotes!
I've been there before! Can we stop & make the head rock?"
Apparently it was pretty funny since he was so excited about the restaurant.

Some cool tigers. The meanest tour guide ever is off to the right.
A massive bear.
My own family of bears.
You can get ruh-eeely close to the deer.
I'm surprised none of my kids got their fingers bitten off.
It was fun to see the kids get excited about the animals.
Tip for anyone else. Do not take a stroller here. Carry your kids.
There are crazy uneven hills throughout the whole park.
My arms are more sore from pushing a double stroller
than one of Jared's workouts.

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