Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My sweet Grant

On FHE the other night, I was reading a story
from "The Friend." It was about Joseph Taylor,
son of John Taylor. They were packing to head West
& could not take Joseph's play riding horse
with them because it was big.
Joseph was so sad to leave it behind.
As I was reading about how sad he was,
I looked up at Grant & saw tears streaming
down the poor boy's face. I asked what was the matter?
He said he didn't know & started crying even harder.
How sweet is that? Grant was upset because
the horse had to be left behind. Of course the story ended
with Joseph's Dad going back to get the horse.
There was even a picture of it somewhere in SLC I'm sure.
I have a tender hearted boy.


kristin said...

How sweet! I was just reminded about how close to the spirit our children are as I was reading my sis in laws blog, and now i read this. Am I supposed to learn something here? :) Grant is a very sweet boy!! You guys have done an amazing job with him.

The Shaffers said...

He is such a wonderful little boy! You are defenatly a blessed momma!