Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Charlotte in my 300th post!

Wow! 300 posts, cuh-razy. So Charlotte turned 2 on the 30th.
She's gotten so big.

Here she is with her cake.
Her ponies from Grandma. She loves these things.

Thanks to DI, I got her a princess dress, Barbie book,
& dress up necklaces all for under $5. Score!

Charly, you're so gorgeous.
Which you know since everyone is always telling you so.
We love you! Here's to the terrible two's.


kristin said...

Ummm... yes, she is gorgeous!! That cute face tells it all!

Jennifer Rae said...

I think she is as pretty as her mom.

CeAnne said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte... and is is pretty stink'n gorgeous! What a cutie!

Francais Frit said...


I can't believe she is two already. She is adorable.