Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NewBorn Olympics

New Born Olympic categories are as follows:
I. The distance you can sneeze your spit up across the room.
II. How long you can fight off the nail clippers.
III. The amount of times your poo goes up to your neck (back & front) in a 1 week period.
IV. How fast you can fill the dirty laundry basket. And empty the stain remover.
V. The amount of time you spend rubbing the back of your scalp bald.
VI. How long you can keep your parents awake at night.
VII. The largest spit up puddle on your Mom's back.
VIII. How many pacifiers you can make your parents look for, but are never to be found.
IX. The amount of time you can get a grown adult to stare at you while making annoying baby noises.
X. How you can get Mommy & Daddy to do anything in spite because you are so darn adorable & precious.

*Elliott, we love you & are sure you would win in every category! Although I'm sure it would be a world way tie for number X. cause all babies are adorable.

1 comment:

Rochelle said...

Oh, how I don't miss any of these except the last one...