Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 Holiday catch up

So we started November with our traditional Thankful Tree. Although we constantly forgot to put a leaf on the tree some nights, there were plenty that were illegible, drawn by Charly as she was always coloring the leaves that just "happened" to fall off the window into her hands.

What we were thankful for this year........

Jared: Nate, 19 days till baby Elliott is born, Charly, Grantman, gospel of Jesus Christ, $17,000 in new equipment, pies, mommy letting me open a gym, my sweet wife Jennifer, chicken, for health, insurance coming today!, good food, blue eyed girls.

Jennifer:my safe home, CrossFit Envy, 2 running vehicles, our house to keep us warm, ears to listen, sewing machine, good kids, healthy baby, my talents, good food, free elliptical, electricity, washer & dryer, no swelling, internet.
Grant: playing games, food, the number 1, super bouncy balls, toys, giving away candy, daddy, my brother, my room, scooters, school, car, 2 more days till Thanksgiving, Nana & Bumpba, I love my toys, trophies, house.
Nathan: everything, Jesus died for us, computer & school, good guys, sippy cups, for everything we have in our house, nice stuff (cool toys), our world, ninja guys & flowers, the world (apparently very different from our world), Metro Man, bouncy balls, flowers, warm jackets & clothes.
Charlotte: juice, cereal, juice, BB’s, blankets.

But most of all, the safe arrival of a healthy baby on Thanksgiving day!

Don't think for a moment that Charlotte will let Elliott
get allll the attention.

Then the Christmas season started with
Jared & I figuring out Daneece's infamous toffee recipe.
We made 4 batches in a week.
And no, we didn't give away most of it.
My teeth hurt for a bit.

The Christmas Eve pagaent.......

Not entirely sure what's going on here....

The meanest looking wise man ever.

All the fuss on Christmas morning with the Barlow fam.

A shoo fly quilt I made for my Mom.
It's made completely from left over fabric.
If I've ever made something for you,
you can probably see some of your fabric in there.

Then as if I didn't have enough to do........

I experimented with quilting & found I have a new love
of spirals. Aren't they purty!

Then came New Years. We spent it down in Santa Clara
with the other Hasleton's.

Then to top it all off, Jan 3rd was Nate's 4th birthday!

All in all, it's been a crazy couple of months.
But we've enjoyed it!!


Francais Frit said...

All of your quilts have been really amazing. Too bad you can't sell them at Jared's gym. haha Not quite the right combo.

CeAnne said...

Looks like fun! I love your Thanksgiving Tree, I might have to steal that idea. And your baby is SO precious!

The Riddle Family said...

Having baby # 4, making quilts and experimenting with spirals in your spare time... Really?! You amaze me.