Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh the sweet pains of labor

Jared told me that if this blog was updated the same day we brought the baby home, he'd kill me. Well, he didn't say anything about labor. I'll be on my way to the hospital here in a bit. It's funny how I've been wanting this to happen for a couple weeks, but when those contractions come, I think that maybe she can just stay in there forever. 


The Shaffers said...

Oh yea, i hope your labor and delivery are very easy! And that miss Charlotte will be here soon nice and healthy! Good luck and i love you!! I cant wait to see pics and hear all about your labor!

Lisa said...

Jennifer you're awesome! Mom just told me you were in the hospital. I came to your blog to see your chart and see how early you are. I'm so very, very jealous!
Good luck. And update your blog as soon as you feel well. I'm anxious for pictures.

Fry Family said...

Can't wait to hear all the good news!