Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Second Nate!!

Cake, presents, heavy heavy hangs, & family. What more can a 2 year old ask for???

So here is the story of how you came into the world- I visited the doctor around morning time, & started to feel icky by the afternoon. Soon I realized I was having contractions, but I still had 2 weeks till your due date and was not prepared. No laundry washed for you, no overnight bag, your crib was not set up, & no little diapers for you. You know by now that I am a procrastinator. 

When Grandma came over to watch Grant, she did some laundry to have clothes clean for you while Daddy & I drove to Kaiser on Morse Ave. I had waited until the contractions were hurting SUPER bad. They checked me in & gave me drugs. Oh the sweet sleep I got for about 2 hours. I woke up & it was time for an epidural. The anasthesialogist came & did the job, but  I received no relief. So they decided to redo the epidural. Yikes, it was scary since they can screw it up (which he did) & doing it twice gave me some bad side effects for the next 6 months. But after that, I could feel nothing so I enjoyed watching the contractions on the screen & not feeling them. Your Father & I got some sleep since it was around mid night. Time goes by, my water breaks, I still feel nothing. My epidural had worn off right before I started pushing with Grant, I didn't want that to happen again, so I was pushing the button for more drugs every time I felt a little pang. 

Around 6:30 am, my favorite nurse came in to check on me & screamed at me, "your baby's head is crowning, why didn't you page me?" I shrugged cause I couldn't feel a single thing. She started yelling at Jared to wake him up & grab all our stuff to go to the delivery room. She was dragging my bed through the hallway asking for any Doctor to come deliver me. We got to the room where she said to push then said,"oh crap, stop pushing, stop pushing." A Doctor finally came in, told me to push once, & you came out!! I didn't feel a thing. But also couldn't feel a thing for the next day. Not even able to pull myself up in bed. I love the drugs. 

You arrived at 6:50 am, Jan 3 2007. Brand new & looking just like your Grandpa. Daddy said I was a Grandpa maker since Grant looks just like Bumpa. We are glad you came, & look forward to many more birthdays in the future.


Fry Family said...

Wow! I remember when we first met it was just after he was born. Can't believe he is already 2!

Mrs. F said...

Happy birthday to NateDogg! What a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...
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GRANDMA said...


The Maire Family said...

I love this blog. So cute! I'm gonna have to write down the girls' births before I forget details. I have to say that you look great for how pregnant you are. I always wished I could just look like I have a ball tucked under my top but I never have.