Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas & other pics

A Barlow family tradition of Lifesavers. 
Tessa got scarves, blankets, sweaters & gloves. Everyone knows she is always cold.
Light sabers were the hit. Now they want to watch Star Wars. 
Nate got a trike, Grant got a scooter
All the darn ribbon mommy put on the gifts. I was really trying to use it all up. 
What we do till 5 pm on Sundays
Sleeping at the institute. 
Forgot to red eye these pics before I posted them.

Grant loving the fooseball, while Nate played pool, or at least sat on the table most of the time.  

My my, looking big. Only a couple of shirts are still fitting. 


The Shaffers said...

AWWW great pics!!! And look at you, your all belly. you look wonderful!! So glad you posted it!! AWW i just love your belly!!

The Shaffers said...

I forgot to say that Kevin is really starting to look more like your dad!!

Michelle said...

Love the belly pic!

Mrs. F said...

OMG, look at your belly. You said "Only a couple of shirts are still fitting." If by fitting, you mean, "Are being stretched out to the max by your uber cute belly", well then, yes.

It actually looks like you are pretending to be pregnant by sticking a basketball under your shirt. I love it!