Thursday, July 10, 2008

An update on our family

So I've been posting a bunch of pictures, but have been lame about writing details on anything. So here is an update. 

Jared- is currently working at VSP. It has been over a year (congrats!!) & is doing a wonderful job providing financially for our family. He is training for a triathlon that is on the 19th. It's called Eppie's great race. Pretty popular & is one of the oldest triathlons out there. He was able to get VSP to sponsor himself & another co-worker. He is active in his company's basketball league which won the championship 2 seasons ago. Calling in church is assistant ward clerk over membership, & gets called to sub in nursery lots of the time. That is own fault since he isn't in class.  He enjoys all sports, which means our tv is verbally abused by him quite often!! Nothing vulgar, just loud. Jared loves to play with the boys, which is fun for me to watch, but they get VERY loud & run around everywhere. 

Jennifer- currently knocked up, will find out in Sept. if it's a boy or girl. I just started a new job the beginning of this month. The company is called NEBO Tools, I sell them from home calling different types of companies. So far it has been interesting trying to juggle that & the kids & morning sickness & the house etc. etc...... I am still the Enrichment leader at church but usually lay out in the nursery cause I don't feel so hot. I enjoy reading (with what time I don't know), laundry HAS to be done, & have been sleeping a whole lot extra than normal. Which normal already, is a lot. 

Grant- his thing right now is Diego, Scooby Doo & The Wonder pets. He doesn't like to play outside because it's too hot, if his mother isn't taking care of him, he can get his own food. He has really been growing in the imaginative role playing, he makes Nathan play with one toy while he attacks him with it. Loves cars, dinosaurs, & always wants me to read to him. I should relish in that fact, but we have some rather annoying books I don't enjoy reading. But he is now able to "read" to me by making up a story of what he sees on the page, which usually has to do with if someone is happy or angry. In general, he is a wonderful & loving child who says " don't be sad, it's ok" to everyone who seems to have an issue. 

Nathan- this kid says "no" to everything unless it's some sort of treat or juice. His vocabulary has exploded with words such as basketball, look, no, cookie, banana, church, Jesus, no, play, up, down, kiss, Bumpa, hug, apple, no, Grant, Mom, Dad, did I mention he says no? Still does not have his canine teeth, jumps up & down, holds his own on the trampoline, & loves the water. He still gets a BB when he sleeps, & spits it out when he is ready to get out of the crib. Will drink liquids all day long until his diapers explode, but is my cutest Barlow baby. 

As a family we love to go to In & out or Dos Coyotes. Still in Sacramento which I don't think we'll ever leave, it has everything we need! We drive a van (ugh) & a POS.. you can figure out what that stands for. None of us can sleep without some type of white noise or go more than a week without seeing some set of Grandparents. Parks are the best when it's not too hot, & we go to see Mr. Tim at the library every Wednesday that he is there. 


Amanda said...

Sounds like you have a cool gig working from home!

I'm sorry you are still having "morning" sickness!! I know how hard it is to be sick and have 2 kids to take care of! Hang in there!

Andrea Corey and Hannah said...

Sounds like things are going really well for you!! Yea for the at home job, im jealous,haha! I miss you tons!!

Michelle said...

Great update! I haven't seen you guys in a while, so it is good to know what you are up to. I should drop by sometime.

: )

Dan and Janay said...

Let me know how your job goes, sounds interesting.

Rochelle said...

You are hilarious! We seem to always have a POS around too.

Jennifer Rae said...

You should move to Idaho...we love it and it is never to hot! I might even babysit for free everyonce in a keeps me on the straight and narrow.