Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Discovery museum

We went to the Discovery museum on Monday since Jared called in "sick." It was pretty lame, but cheap, so it was ok. I'm sure the boys had fun. Saw some animals & gross insects. They got to dress up & play with magnets & other interesting exhibits. The best part  (in my opinion) was watching the penny smasher. We really need a nice children's museum around here. 
The boys driving the space shuttle outside.
I have aliens for boys!!
Nathan doing his thing. He was very independent throughout the whole place.

Oops. Jared trying to fix the display we broke.


Andrea Corey and Hannah said...

Leave it to the hasletons to brak something in a museum! Looks like the boys had fun though! Sac really does need to get some better kid friendly things to do.

Amanda said...

It may have been lame, but you got some fun pics out of it!!

That is too funny that Jared broke something! At least he fixed it!