Monday, July 21, 2008

My baby did it!!!!!

I am soooo proud of Jared! He completed his triathlon this Saturday at his goal time. 2 hr 32 min. He was around #529 out of 1500 competes or so. He had to run 6 miles, bike 12 miles, then paddle for another 6 miles. Get out of the water, & race across the finish line. He wasn't even that sore afterwards. We  learned a lot for our first triathlon, where to park, what to do, where to wait, to get a different kyack, how to drop off & pick up his equipment, etc... Also that we'll need more help next year. It was too much for me to do everything, I ended up being more sore than him. It was from carrying that dang kyack almost a mile. That thing was heavy! 
Jared as he finishes his 6 miles of running.
Changing his shoes for the ride. 
He is the one getting out of the yellow boat, silver helmet, blue vest. I stood here for an hour waiting to take a pic  and that dang volunteer is in the way. 
Crossing the finish line!! I didn't quit get the "finish" line in the pic, but he did it & didn't die! (I was super paranoid for the last couple of months that he would drown or die, something) 
We had a blast doing this. Starting at 6 in the morning, not coming home until after 1. We were beat, but for anyone who has never gone to a race like this, it was just as much fun for me cheering people on & watching people finish! I recommend it for anyone. 


Andrea Corey and Hannah said...

CONGRATS Jared!!! Thats so awsome!!! Im glad you guys enjoyed it!

cherchristensen said...

Wow- great job! I couldn't find anyone to do my kayak part, and didn't think my arms could tackle 6 miles of kayaking, so I chickened out :( Ask you hubby if the kayaking part was hard..?! I have already decided that I will do it for sure next year - because I was sooo bummed I didn't end up doing it.

Jennifer Rae said...

Triathalons are SO FUN! I am excited for Jared..Dad puts on a couple a year if you guys ever want to come to Idaho for one I promise to put you up!

Nicole said...

Jared is a beast!