Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our summer trip

We decided to go to the Trout family reunion this year.
All the way up in Randle WA. In the sticks y'all. It was pretty fun!

Charly charmed everyone around her.
Got whatever she wanted.

There was a lot of sleeping.
Needed desperately by a little lady running around
trying to find someone to give her what she wanted.

Elles also found some girls to carry her around & to hold her all day.

We visited some great family members. We love Sam & Linda.
They gave Grant a great birthday bash!!!

Visiting Grant's great friend Lily. Glad to see you guys!

At the Trout's wonderful home.
So many great memories as a kid there.

A fun part was going to the Winston Safari Zoo.
There was a normal zoo, one that was so different than in Sac.
It was open & you were allowed to do things with the animals.
Our State stinks with it's crazy rules & overbearedness (is that a word?)

But then we drove through the actual safari & saw some awesome animals.
Camels in the background.

We were so close to the bears.
I made Jared roll up the window
b/c I didn't think the massive electrical fences would stop them.

The giraffes that were necking & held up the line of cars for a bit.
It was hilarious to watch them play around.

This lion did not like us.
He came down all angry like & stalked back & forth growling at us.

Feeding the fishes & ducks.

My family zoo.

We had a great adventure driving for days seeing things and new places.
Jared visited a place he saw on a foody show.
Downtown Portland was cuh-razy packed!
It took us 45 minutes to go 5 miles on I-5, w/o any accidents.
And I saw the largest fabric store EVER!!
Trees were the greatest. So beautiful, smelled so fresh.
I think we'll make this trip more often.
It was so great to see so much family.