Sunday, August 21, 2011

Been Busy This Summer.........

A brief synopsis of our summer.........

Charlotte really does like chocolate. I was starting to worry.

A quilt top from scraps (don't have a pic of the top finished)
I haven't finished quilting it, didn't like how it turned out.

Our 4th of July BBQ. Delicious.

Playing with Uncle David while he visited.

I finally finished Pili's patriotic quilt I promised her last year.
And my first, very large Dresdon quilt I plan on trying to sell.
Whew, that one was a doozy.

A fun shot of Elles, who is an angel. If I leave her in the high chair long enough,
she usually goes to sleep.
And my sweet Charles, loves to do the same work out as everyone else.

My Grantman turned a whopping 6 years old!!!!
He's such a smartie & has learned how to swim this summer.
We got to go to the State Fair. It was fun as usual.
Not too hot & dollar rides made it possible.

A place I've been dreaming about the last couple of weeks. FABRIC DEPOT!!
I wish we had one here in Sac,
but it's probably a good thing it's in Oregon for Jared's sanity.
Speaking of which, my Jared is such a hottie.

We had a baby shower for Drea & her upcoming baby boy!!!
I love this monkey fabric. Perfect for her kids.

Meeting up with Baby Enzo.

A post wouldn't be complete w/o some pics of Jared sleeping.....

My sweet Elles being patient in the stroller for 2 hours of soccer.

Grant N Nate has their first soccer games of the season. Nate's first ever.

That's bit of our summer.
2 more weeks till school starts. I'm a super ready!!!!!


Francais Frit said...

Your cute family. Glad your Elliot(t) turned out to be a good baby. harhar
And those quilts are amazing. Please teach me your basics for beginners. I want to learn.

The Shaffers said...

You could have posted a better pic of me, your so mean!!!!