Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Dresses for Africa are outta here!

I finally finished them! Thank you to all of you that helped.
I sent out 134 dresses.
That's 134 little girls that will get to have something new to wear!
What a great job!!

By the way, angels helped with the shipping. Not only those of you that helped financially,
but I did all that I could for the cheapest shipping, & got an estimate online.
When I went to the post office, the cost was much less than the estimate.
I asked the gal if she was sure it was right. She said it was.
I was expecting to pay $200 to ship out the boxes. It was less than $50.
I stood there, staring, looking for the invisible hands that were playing with her computer.
I really had been stressing about this part of the project.
Isn't it nice that HE knows what we need. Even something so simple. Thank you.

I'm a total spaz & didn't take pics of all my dresses.
Above are a couple I took awhile ago.
And to show some pretty flower trim we added to about 30 of the dresses.
Here are some pics from the website. I encourage you all to visit the site.
It's inspirational & exciting to read about people
who are doing good things in the world.
They have sent over 30,000 dresses to Africa. That's just sooo amazing.
The organization was asked to send some dresses to Haiti due to the recent events.
They rely on donations to ship out the dresses.
If you're interested in helping them more,
you can alway ship pillow cases or supplies to them.
They have several sewing groups to do the work.
I know I will be doing this again.


Nicole said...

Your a good woman Jennifer.

kristin said...

Jen, you're seriously fabulous! That was a HUUUGE project and you completed it, which is huge to this girl cause I have a hard time finishing what I start:) I bow in amazement of you.
Way to go girl!
(I need to add you to my friends list. How have I not done that?)

Francais Frit said...


Nice work. I was inspired by your good works.

It was also nice to schedule time to get out of the house and help out- even if it was just an hour here or there.

Cheralyn said...

You are amazing.

CeAnne said...

Good job cuz, those lucky little girls have something beautiful to wear because of your hard work and efforts!

Daneece said...

Jennifer, You amaze me with all the things you get done with 3 small children! It was fun to help.